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About Us

AC Shield Co., Ltd. is founded by people with many years of experience working in the HVAC industry. Our mission is to provide healthier indoor air all over the Thailand. We do this by optimizing HVAC systems for facilities as a means of improving overall performance, energy consumption, and system efficiency – through the use of eco friendly solutions with green bio-technology.

We are the ‘Platinum partner’ of Aeris Environmental from Australia. Which means that we are working together to solve HVAC problems more effectively than conventional technologies available in the market.

To improve whole of asset life performance, we use AerisGUARD solutions and treatments to safely clean and treat microbial contamination. By doing so, we are able to improve energy efficiency, extend asset life, and reduce operating costs.

AerisGUARD technology provides up to 12 months of no bacterial and mold growth through a simple two-step clean and treat process. The use of AerisGUARD products in maintenance & remediation work, will provide residual protection and healthy outcomes for your air-conditioning systems.

Developed specifically for residential owners, building owners, facility managers and even third party service providers, we are here to help you achieve an optimized facility without damaging your assets, and without harming the planet.

a mission to build a better environment by using eco-friendly products

AerisGuard International accreditation